Jul 2 2013

Yes, Happy Endings is officially, officially no more. Yes, that's really sad. Yes, you can drown your sorrows in the latest installment of Eliza Coupe's web series "Frenemies" which she stars in with Lauryn Kahn. Lauryn, we think you're great, but Jane + Brad 4eva.

Apr 15 2008

After yesterday's post about dudes getting happy endings at massage parlors, we got an email on the tipline asking if there are any places for ladies to get a little digital satisfaction along with a rubdown. Well we found a place. It's a little island called Menopauseland, where attractive middle aged women hang with

Dec 10 2007

Finally a kidnapping story that ends in a homecoming. 6 months preggers Toledo attorney Karyn McConnell Hancock is home safe and sound after being kidnapped last week. Her husband speculates that Hancock was kidnapped because a case her father, Toledo Municipal Court Judge C. Allen McConnell, tried had angered the