Glenn Beck Countersues Tomi Lahren, Alleging She Was Rude to Staff and Ignorant in Her Analysis

Tomi Lahren was suspended from her job hosting a conservative talk show on The Blaze after making pro-choice comments during an appearance on The View. She filed a wrongful termination lawsuit against the show, though she was still being paid under her contract’s “pay or play” clause. On Monday, Glenn Beck and The…

Glenn Beck Stuck His Face Into Cheetos to Look Like Donald Trump and It Makes Me Feel Bad

Donald Trump looks like he has been spray-tanned in Cheetos Orange. I know it, Madeleine Davies (coiner of the perfect phrase “Cheeto-dusted bloviator”) knows it, Ben Shapiro apparently knows it. We all know it. Glenn Beck was like, “But do you really know it, though?” and stuck his face in a bowl of snack.