Gisele Commented on Instagram Models, Got Yelled at for It, Then Apologized and Said She Admires Them

Retired runway model and working print model Gisele B√ľndchen appears on the cover of the most recent issue of Vogue, which would be a cause for many a yawn if not for some comments about the state of the modeling industry in 2018‚ÄĒnamely, the Instagram modeling industry. B√ľndchen said her sister started her Instagram‚Ķ

This Week In Tabloids: Jennifer Aniston Keeps Getting More Fulfilled

Welcome to Midweek Madness, where we hop on Ben Affleck’s plane, fly to Las Vegas, put on Tom Brady’s Super Bowl rings, drink on the strip, see Mariah Carey’s show, see Britney Spears’s show, then watch Ben play poker until it gets boring, go up to our room and stare at the sad, bright lights of Vegas out our window…

No Doubt Does In Fact Exhibit Doubt About Offensive Native American-Themed Music Video

Not since Cher (and let's face it, Cher's fun‚ÄĒnot to mention part Cherokee) have we seen quite this level of stereotypical camp when it comes to Native American imagery in a music video: No Doubt has just pulled the cowboys-and-Indian-themed video for their second single "Looking Hot" after YouTube commenters informed‚Ķ