B.o.B.'s Conspiracy Tweets Semi-Predicted the Plot of Last Night's Revamp of The X-Files

Platinum-selling, Grammy-nominated musician B.o.B. spent Sunday tweeting about how NASA has spent its entire existence tricking the world into believing that earth is round when, in fact, it is flat. The government conspiracy, he asserted by way of several very intense .jpgs, dates back to the Freemasons (including…

David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson Might Be 'Probing Each Other's Paranormal Phenomena,' If You Know What I Mean (I Mean Boning!)

You know how Gillian Anderson just broke up with her man-friend? And you know how David Duchovny got "quietly divorced" from Tea Leoni because of his sex addiction? And remember that stupid boner-deflating shit they pulled in the 2nd X-Files movie where they "revealed" that Mulder and Scully have just been totally