Nov 21 2008

Germaine Greer is at it again, body-snarking like it's her job to decide what is or is not attractive about women. This time, British pin-ups Katie Price and Cheryl Cole are in her sights. Greer proclaims both women too thin to be attractive saying, "A healthy girl is a fat-bottomed creature." [The Telegraph]

Aug 15 2008

Madonna is not necessarily a favorite of famous feminists. Both Camille Paglia and Germaine Greer have weighed in on the singer's half-century mark this week: Paglia rags on the Material Girl for her looks ("hard-bitten face lolling its tongue like a dissolute old streetwalker") and Greer for her clothes and her

May 19 2008

"I think he was a genius and geniuses are tricky to live with…But I think a man who hates his wife and doesn't dare leave her is all kind of a creep." That's Germaine Greer in a podcast on her (by most accounts successful) quest to prove the conventional wisdom that if Shakespeare really was Shakespeare his wife was a