Patricia Arquette Says She Still Makes Less Than Her Male Co-Stars Because of 'Bullshit Structure'

Remember the time Patricia Arquette made Meryl Streep stand up at the Oscar and shout “Yes! Yes!” by talking about ending the gender pay gap in Hollywood? That was over four years ago, and producers are still giving Arquette poor deals and finding new and creative ways to pay her less than her male co-stars.

Claire Foy on The Crown Wage Gap: 'There Was a Big, Fat Dirty Secret Nobody Was Talking About' 

Claire Foy never wanted her role on Netflix’s The Crown to be remembered as an example of wage discrimination, but she didn’t have much choice. She says that after two years of working on the show, she was “deeply hurt” to discover the “big, fat, dirty secret” that her co-star/supporting character Matt Smith was…

Mindy Kaling Says Keep Shaming White Men in Hollywood About the Pay Gap, It's Working

Mindy Kaling said in an interview with Variety (at the Palisades Village opening gala in L.A.) that she’s seen “an enormous amount of change” in gender parity in Hollywood recently, which if true, is a nice development in an otherwise bad news cycle that is threatening to make me lose all faith in institutions.

Don't Worry, the Pay Gap Is Only Really Bad When... Most Women Have Children

We already know that the so-called “motherhood penalty” plays a key role in the persisting gender wage gap. Now, a new unpublished study suggests an age-related catch: When women in opposite-sex marriages have their first baby before the age of 25 or after the age of 35, they eventually catch up with their husband’s…