Gavin Didn’t Ask For Much in His Prenup-Free Divorce From Gwen, Probably Because He Cheated

When you’re the low-earner in a marriage, a very good way to guarantee finalizing a divorce without getting a lot of extra dough is to sign a prenup with your bread-winning partner. Another good way of achieving this is to have an affair with the nanny that your wife finds out about because you absentmindedly synced…

Gwen Stefani Absolutely Got Rid of That Damn Other Woman, The Nanny

Since news of their divorce was announced, “multiple sources” have claimed Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale broke up because of their damn nanny. But one “insider” has given more details, claiming Stefani—in an attempt to save the marriage—“absolutely fired” her after becoming suspicious that romance was in the air.