'Seems Like It Needs Flavor': 3 Jezebel Queer Eye Experts Review Antoni's Dry New Restaurant

Antoni Porowski, the food expert from Netflix’s Queer Eye reboot, is a polarizing figure. While his fellow host Bobby whips up massive renovations, and while Jonathan charmingly “yaasss queens” everyone to death, Antoni has earned the reputation for cooking... well, very little. His Season 1 recipes—guacamole, grilled…

Former Black Tap Social Media Manager Says She Actually Invented Those Giant Willy Wonka Ass Milkshakes 

As previously established, those monstrous, cake and cookie-smothered Black Tap milkshakes are bullshit. But even if they’re bullshit, whoever actually invented them should get proper credit for their Frankenstein creation. And according to the restaurant’s former social media manager Brittany Stark, she is the real