Yes, You Should Have a 'Fuck-Off Fund' in Case of Life, Relationship or Job Meltdowns

Over on The Billfold, a writer named Paulette Perhach published an excellent short piece about what she’s termed “financial self-defense” or, more euphoniously, a “Fuck Off Fund.” That is: the money you may need at any given moment to get away from your job, partner, or life. You need one. We all need one.

Ryan Lochte’s Mom Determined to Resolve Foreclosure without Her Son’s Olympic Treasure

Despite the fact that she and her ex-husband failed to make payments on a mortgage loan dating from 2007, Ike Lochte is determined not to rely on her son (or any of her other children) for financial assistance. A spokeswoman for the Steve and Ike Lochte — who filed for divorce in 2010 — explained that the Lochtes,…