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Jan 16 2008

"Good" feminists are all up in arms over this ad for Target, which shows a model splayed out over the company's bullseye logo. Specifically, they are offended that "the model's vag was in the center of the target." Oh, c'mon people. Maybe we're bad feminists, but it's Target. The model doesn't look she is about to be

Jan 3 2008

The good news is that the majority of respondents to this TMZ poll prefer "their" drunk girls mobile. (Not comatose.) The bad news is...well, did we tell you about the time America's most popular entertainment website shamelessly used that 19-year-old Hollywood rape victim's harmless Facebook pictures to suggest she

Dec 28 2007

What do the Philippines Bureau of Customs and American feminists have in common? PETA rage. The animal-rights organization is getting flak for its use of sex dolls to protest Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurants in the Philippines' red light districts. The dolls, which were accompanied with a PETA-provided "KFC Blows"

Nov 26 2007

Looking for a pencil sharpener that simultaneously files your Dixon Ticonderoga and denigrates women? Feministing points us to this supremely insulting office product portraying a headless female body on all fours taking a pencil up the ass. It's the perfect companion gift to go along with that miniskirt-shaped