2/11/08 11:20AM
Fashion Show

"[H]is child/woman vintage looks had grown up beautifully....The collection was solid but never stolid...after

11/05/07 1:45PM

Dear New York Times "Styles" section reporter Eric Wilson: We've said it before, but we love you. You should blog all the time! Forget that fussy "newspaper reporter" bullshit! Because you are funny! And like us, you enjoy a bit of gossip. And we can't thank you enough for sharing the following exchange between

11/01/07 5:45PM

The New York Times's Eric Wilson has penned his greatest words ever. Ever. On previewing the Roberto Cavalli for H&M collection, Wilson writes: "I think the company missed an opportunity by not pushing the deliveries up in time for trick or treat... Mr. Cavalli has boiled down his signature looks for the masses into