Teenage Girls Will Soon Have a Non-'Clickbait' Newsletter to Read Called Clover

In February, teenage girls will have a new place to get their news, in the form of an email newsletter sent daily to their inboxes, called Clover. ‚ÄúWhat‚Äôs email?‚ÄĚ one teen said when told about the launch, barely raising her eyes from Snapchat. ‚ÄúWhat‚Äôs a newsletter?‚ÄĚ another responded, as she posed for a selfie.

North Dakota Republican State Rep. Pisses Off Colleagues with Email Titled ‚ÄėWhy Men Are Seldom Depressed‚Äô

Maybe it's just the cynical nature of the 24-hour news cycle, but it sometimes seems like politicians always email shitty, offensive "jokes" to their staff instead of, say, cat videos or a recipe for peanut brittle. Wouldn't it be great just once to read a story that started, "State Rep. Carlash Smiz from Missouri…

Unsurprisingly, Readers Incensed About Coverage of Racist Teens Are Also Racist. And Terrible Spellers.

Ever since we pointed out that some teenagers reacted very poorly to President Obama's reelection by posting racist hate speech on Twitter, we have received quite a few emails supporting the students and expressing anti-Obama sentiments. Apparently, pointing out when people are being racist just brings out more…