I Thought This Elite Daily Essay About a Girl Realizing Her Date Had Died in a Car Crash Instead of 'Ghosting' Her Was a Parody, But It Is Actually Real 

Usually, a personal essay is based on something that has happened in a writer‚Äôs life that is personal to them. That‚Äôs why it is called a ‚Äúpersonal essay.‚ÄĚ Elite Daily, like XOJane before it, has been known to stretch this concept until it disintegrates into a soft pile of fragrant poo particles.

The Team of Men Behind Rachel Brewson, the Fake Woman Whose Trump-Fueled Breakup Went Viral 

In December 2015, readers at women‚Äôs site xoJane were enthralled and filled with all-caps rage by Rachel Brewson, a self-described ‚Äúgiant liberal‚ÄĚ who boldly declared her love for a Republican named Todd. She described, in rapturous terms, how the couple‚Äôs political disagreements fueled an ecstatic third-date‚Ķ