DeVos-Backed Campaign Literally Writing the Script to Smear Striking Teachers

Right-wing billionaires are sure to disapprove of any large-scale public action that underlines how bad their preferred policies are, and indeed, a large number of them are supporting a PR effort to discredit the teacher’s strikes happening around the country—including, in a fun twist, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos’…

University of Rochester Compares Sexual Misconduct Complaint to Discredited Rolling Stone Report 

Following a searing Mother Jones report on allegations of misconduct in the University of Rochester’s cognitive and brain sciences department, the University has responded with a forceful statement and a subsequent email touting “two comprehensive and careful investigations” that did not substantiate those allegations.

20 Attorneys General Send Letter to Betsy DeVos Demanding She Not Roll Back Title IX Enforcement

Last week, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos signaled that she’d like to overhaul the Obama-era enforcement mandates of Title IX “quickly,” and remarked in a stakeholders meeting that she’d also like to help victims of assault and those who have been falsely accused of rape. This rhetoric came on the heels of her meeting