Angela Rye, the Only Good Political Commentator, Told Corey Lewandowski, 'Boy Bye' on Air

If you’ve watched cable news coverage of the election for even a fraction of the amount of time that I have over the past year, you’ve become unhinged by the endless parade of glassy-eyed campaign surrogates spouting off meaningless talking points, having conversations that all end in frustrating blue ball agreements…


Jennifer Hudson Paid Tribute to Prince With a Rendition of 'Purple Rain' and Also I'm Sobbing

After a Thursday night performance of the Broadway musical The Color Purple, actual goddess Jennifer Hudson decided to pay tribute to rock icon Prince, who passed away earlier today, with a cover of one of the musician’s most indelible hits. Also, yes, I’m crying right now, it’s very ugly and shiny and red on my face.

'They're Emboldening My Rapist': Sexual Assault Victims at BYU Are Investigated by the Honor Code

At Brigham Young University, the flagship school of the Church of Jesus Christ Latter-Day Saints, the Honor Code rules campus life. The Honor Code, a broad and far-ranging document governed by LDS’s Church Education System, covers everything from drinking coffee to a “chaste and virtuous life,” “homosexual behavior,”…