Justin Timberlake (Somehow) Senses the Right Time to Collaborate With Drake Is Now

Drake recently put out an album titled Scorpion, in which he confirms he’s fathered a child. It’s long—25 tracks spanning two sides and I don’t need to listen to it to know that that’s 25 straight tracks of Drake being in his feelings (I’ve had a lot going on, okay, I’m gonna get around to listening to it). For a…

John Goodman Weighs In: 'Everything's Fine... I Wasn't Gonna Get an Emmy Anyway'

John Goodman, the star of Roseanne who most of America still loves, has finally commented on the show’s shocking cancelation. After being approached by a reporter for Entertainment Tonight at an auto repair shop (very rude of them), Goodman went with the expert line, “I’d rather say nothing than to cause more trouble.”

Pusha T Just Accused Drake of Having a Secret Son and Being a 'Deadbeat Dad' in an Incendiary Diss Track

On Tuesday night, a long-simmering celebrity feud fully boiled over and started a fire in the kitchen. The fire department was called, but they got stuck in traffic, and the entire building burned down before help arrived. Drake was home at the time, but managed to escape—though he did inhale a lot of smoke.