Donald Trump 'Faked a Phone Call' During SNL Table Read to Congratulate Himself on His Shitty Book 

Pete Davidson, the SNL comedian with the compelling theory that Donald Trump doesn’t know how to read, has shared another wonderful anecdote about Trump’s unfortunate hosting gig in 2015. In an interview with Open Late’s Peter Rosenberg, Davidson said that Trump, for no apparent reason, “faked a phone call” during a…

Trump Reportedly Complains About the Russia Probe 20 Times a Day, Which Seems Like a Lot?

You might think a president who is VERY BUSY solving all the world’s problems wouldn’t have time to worry about a VERY FAKE investigation into his administration’s connection to Russian oligarchs, but it appears Donald Trump is a real multitasker. Indeed, our fair president reportedly complains about Special Counsel…


Please Don't Insult Rudy Giuliani, a Literal Knight Who Is 'Wide Awake,' by Suggesting He Drinks Too Much

When MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough suggested on Tuesday that Rudy Giuliani over-indulges in the liquor department (he said Trump originally didn’t hire Giulinani because he was “falling asleep in meetings” and “drinking too much”), the latter was quite offended! How dare Joe Scarborough say something rude-y about Rudy?