Charli XCX Has a Tame Girl's Night, and DJ Khaled Drops Another Love Actually-Style Video

Nah: Charli XCX, “Girls Night Out” – I’m a Charli AND a SOPHIE Stan (who produced this track) but the “no boys, no boys, no boys!” chorus and overall sound is giving me Sophia Grace flashbacks, by which I mean I’d think I’d sooner hear this on Disney radio than Zane Lowe. Sorry gals! —Hazel Cills

SZA Canoodles with Donald Glover in a Garden, and Bella Thorne Wants Us to Know Who the Hell She Is

OK, OK, I see you: SZA: “Garden (Say It Like Dat)” — A forlorn and lovestruck Donald Glover shows up in this gauzy, sexy music video, but the star of the show is SZA, dancing on the beach and in streams and rocking several very cute outfits. It’s fun and makes me wanna go shopping at Anthropologie and then go swimming…

Life Lessons From DJ Khaled, Motivational Snapchatter and Arbiter of 'Success!'

Do you know about America’s newest inspirational guru DJ Khaled? He is not just the guy behind all those posse radio tracks; he is a teacher and a friend to Miami, as well as the rest of the world. From his social feeds, we’ve learned so much. If it rains, give thanks. If you get pulled over on your jet ski because…