Jan 19 2015

Congratulations to the women of The Talk: during the week of January 5, for the first time ever, the show beat The View in ratings. The Talk pulled in an average of 2.95 million viewers, while The View did 2.88 million. Now that they're ever-so-slightly on top, maybe they can stop mentioning their rival.

Nov 21 2014

After a little more than a year on the air, Queen Latifah's eponymous talk show has been cancelled. The Queen Latifah Show is survived by Maury, The Wendy Williams Show, The Dr. Oz Show, the shows starring Steves Wilkos and Harvey, and The Rachael Ray Show, among others.

Aug 28 2013

Radar Online is reporting that Kris Jenner's talk show Kris has been cancelled, despite the Kanye-induced headache she offered up to America last week on a silver platter. A source says that the ratings were "abysmal", which is good news for The Real, another show getting a test run from FOX that will probably get Read more