New York Judge to Madonna and Guy Ritchie: Get Over Yourselves and Do What’s Best for Rocco

It’s been about two months since 15-year-old Rocco Ritchie ran away from Madonna (sort of) to move in with his father, Guy Ritchie, in London, and their custody battle appears to be nearing its end. TMZ reports the two parents “called into a New York custody hearing Wednesday afternoon” and that a judge gave them the…

Sony Thinks Kesha's Eventual Comeback Could Turn Her Into the 'Next Adele'

Kesha hasn’t released an album in over three years, but it’s not because she hasn’t tried. The singer (whose 2012 album is a personal favorite of mine) reportedly wants to record more music, but told Sony she’d only do it if Dr. Luke—the man whom she claims assaulted her—has no involvement. Sony “rejected” that deal…

David Foster Apparently Thinks Yolanda Is 'Exaggerating' the Whole Lyme Disease Thing

If David Foster saw Yolanda Foster slowly crawling to her beautiful refrigerator while moaning, “I’m so thiiiiiirsty, I’m so thiiiiiiirsty,” he would step over her, open the fridge, grab a bottle of S.Pellegrino for himself, and leave the room. Why? Because he doesn’t think she’s as sick as she claims.