Amber Tamblyn on Charlyne Yi's Accusations Against Her Husband David Cross: 'I Believe Her'

Actress and writer Amber Tamblyn has responded to Charlyne Yi‚Äôs accusations of racist behavior against her husband David Cross, revealing on Twitter late Thursday that she spoke with and believes Yi. ‚ÄúHer feelings/safety are all that matter to me,‚ÄĚ Tamblyn wrote. ‚ÄúWe‚Äôre good. I owe you nothing, Twitter. You‚Äôre lucky‚Ķ

Lindsay Lohan Says 'Most Women in America' Didn't Care About Her Allegedly Abusive Ex-Fiancé

In an Instagram post published Wednesday night, Lindsay Lohan shared a photo of her from the set of The Parent Trap alongside a lengthy caption that combined her thoughts about women‚Äôs rights, karma, and strength with an accusation against ‚Äúmost women in America.‚ÄĚ She claimed they didn‚Äôt care when she was ‚Äúabused‚ÄĚ by‚Ķ

David Cross Addresses Charlyne Yi's Accusations of Racist Behavior: 'I Do Not Remember Doing This'

In a series of tweets published late Sunday, actress and comedian Charlyne Yi shared a story detailing the first time she met comedian David Cross. The incident took place 10 years ago, when Yi was 20 and Cross was in is early 40s, and it did not go well. After making fun of her pants‚ÄĒwhich Yi says were tattered‚Ķ

Things Learned At The Arrested Development Reunion (Besides That Possible TV Series And Movie)

Yesterday I had the extreme pleasure of attending the Arrested Development reunion at the New Yorker Festival, and by "extreme pleasure," I promise I'm not exaggerating. Being a mega-fan of the show a since it first aired, I found myself simultaneously cheering, clapping, and half-crying while my insides fluttered…