What Do 19-Year-Olds Really Think About Sending Nude Pics? A Mom and Daughter Discuss 

I remember being shocked, in 1999, after setting up my hulking desktop and connecting my dial-up for the first time, to hear “You’ve got mail!” And I remember being even more shocked, in that first session, to receive an chat message asking what I was wearing—and if I could take it off.

What's Your Body Count? A Mother and Daughter Talk About How Many People They've Slept With

When I was younger, if a guy asked how many partners you had, it was assumed that a woman would knock a few numbers off. I remember one guy I’d been dating for a few months asked me about my “body count,” as he called it. I told him I’d had five partners. He raised an eyebrow and said: My dad told me that whatever…

The Birds and the Business: A Mother and Daughter Talk About Sex 

When my now 18-year-old stepdaughter was four years old, I realized she was extremely mature for her age. Example: once, while we were watching a movie together, a couple retired to the bedroom with a look of come-and-get-it on their faces. It was subtle enough that I didn’t think a four-year-old would think anything…