Show Us Your Halloween Costume and Your Baby's Costume and Your Cat's Costume!Ā 

Who among us is immune to the powers of Halloween, the one day that truly celebrates freaks, allowing us to really let our creativity run wild all while indulging in a shit ton of candy? Celebrities go nuts for costumes and yā€™all do tooā€”just take a peep at Jezebel reader thetallblondeā€™s Postmates Malone look, plannedā€¦

Show Us Your Babies, Your Pets and, If You Must, Yourselves in Their/Your 2016 Halloween Costumes

The best thing about Halloween is thatā€”unless youā€™re into cons, cosplay, and the likeā€”itā€™s the one day of the year that youā€™re encouraged (expected, even) to walk around dressed in your freakiest, funniest, weirdest, sluttiest garb and no one can say BOO about it. So letā€™s show off our 2016 costumes!