A Conversation With Musician Lido Pimienta, Polaris Prize Winner and Colombian-Canadian Star

On September 18, for the first time, Canada’s prestigious Polaris Music Prize was awarded to an album sung in Spanish: La Papessa, by the Colombian-Canadian singer and producer Lido Pimienta. In a powerful acceptance speech, she called out racism in Canada—“I hope that the Aryan specimen who told me to go back to my

Protests Erupt After Wealthy Man Allegedly Abducted, Raped, and Murdered Young Colombian Girl

On December 4, seven-year-old Yuliana Andrea Samboní was abducted by a man driving a grey SUV from in front of her house in Bogotá , where she was playing with her cousin. Yuliana and her family were located in a poor district, and her alleged killer came from the nearby rich and fashionable area known as Chapinero