Christina Aguilera On That Photo of Hillary Clinton Staring at Her Cleavage: ‘It's Amazing.’

As a person without “bosoms” or any opportunities to share a room with important political figures, I’ll never be able to experience what it’s like to have Hillary Clinton stare at my cleavage. But, if Christina Aguilera is to be believed (and she usually is—why wouldn’t she be?), I now know what it feels like.

Christina Aguilera Got So Drunk at Seth MacFarlane's Xmas Party That She Almost Fell Into a Tree

Christina Aguilera had a better time at Seth MacFarlane’s “annual over-the-top” Christmas party than I thought it was possible to have at Seth MacFarlane’s “annual over-the-top” Christmas party. Page Six’s reporting of the incident is making me incredibly jolly this Tuesday morning, and I wish it were three times as…