Tomi Lahren Unknowingly Admits That She Benefits From Obamacare and Then Says She Would Like to Get Rid of It

In an interview with Chelsea Handler at Politicon last night, Tomi Lahren admitted that “luckily, I’m 24, so I’m still on my parents’ [health care plan],” meaning that she benefits from–not just luck!–but the Obamacare provision that you can stay on your parents’ plan until you’re 26, the Daily Beast reports.

Ann Coulter Called in Sick to Chelsea Handler's Show, and Chelsea Was Pissed

Chelsea Handler says she’s frequently accused of only presenting one side of the presidential race, so she went out on a limb to book one of Donald Trump’s most vocal supporters on her Netflix show Chelsea. Ann Coulter agreed to do the show, but the day of, she called in sick. Or “emailed in sick.” Handler was pretty…

Lindsay Lohan Explains Why She Left Her Fiancé: 'I Feared That Egor May Splash Acid in My Face'

In an exclusive interview for which she was reportedly paid £650,000 (which is roughly $840,000, and therefore a figure I do not believe for one second), Lindsay Lohan shared a few troubling revelations about her former engagement to Russian “billionaire” Egor Tarabasov. One of the most shocking is Lohan’s claim that…