Here Are Some Facts and Questions About That Nazi the New York Times Failed to Note

The New York Times published a profile over the weekend of an Ohio man named Tony Hovater, a co-founder of the white supremacist Traditionalist Worker Party. The piece, by reporter Richard Fausset, was meant to say something profound about the banality of evil—This man shops for groceries! He has a Twin Peaks tattoo!…

White House Calls Trump's Meeting With Sen. Tim Scott a Dialogue on Race Relations, Refers to Him As 'Tom'

South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott, the single black Republican in the Senate, met with chewed-up action figure Donald Trump on Wednesday. The meeting was for Scott to express his displeasure with Trump’s disgraceful response to Charlottesville—in which Trump failed to condemn neo-Nazis, the KKK, and white supremacists…

Idaho State Rep Calls Conspiracy Theory Claiming BLM Staged Charlottesville Violence 'Plausible'

Idaho State Rep. Bryan Zollinger is trolling the media pretty hard right now with a series of Faacebook posts in which he’s been sharing a ridiculous conspiracy theory that progressive organizations and activists staged the violent rally in Charlottesville in order to undermine the Trump administration.