What's Going On With That NY Times Review of a Book About Campus Rape?

“Fascinating but often frustrating” and “too sloppy with the facts to succeed” and full of “baffling errors that threaten to undermine her entire book,” is how writer Michelle Goldberg describes Vanessa Grigoriadis’s new book, Blurred Lines: Rethinking Sex, Power and Consent on Campus, in an early September review in…

20 Attorneys General Send Letter to Betsy DeVos Demanding She Not Roll Back Title IX Enforcement

Last week, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos signaled that she’d like to overhaul the Obama-era enforcement mandates of Title IX “quickly,” and remarked in a stakeholders meeting that she’d also like to help victims of assault and those who have been falsely accused of rape. This rhetoric came on the heels of her meeting

Margaret Atwood & Others Draw Criticism for Signing a Letter Supporting a Writer Accused of Sexual Assault

Margaret Atwood, Michael Ondaatje, and a number of well-known Canadian authors have drawn the ire of the Canadian literary community after signing an open letter addressed to the University of British Columbia. The letter concerns the firing of former UBC Creative Writing chair and best-selling writer Steven Galloway…

Two Students Involved in Alleged Sexual Assault at Michigan Frat File Separate Lawsuits

At the University of Michigan, two students have filed lawsuits over an alleged sexual assault that took place at a fraternity party in January. One lawsuit, filed by the alleged perpetrator, asks a federal court to strike down the Michigan’s ruling that he violated the university’s policy on sexual misconduct. His…

After Richmond Student Writes Viral Essay About Her Rape Case, the University Calls Her a Liar 

Earlier this week, Cecilia Carreras, a student at the University of Richmond, published an essay on the Huffington Post contributor’s network in which she detailed her sexual assault and the university’s response. In the post, “There’s a Brock Turner in All of o(UR) Lives,” Carreras alleges that she was raped by in an…


'Jackie' From Retracted UVA Story Must Testify in Lawsuit Against Rolling Stone, Judge Rules 

“Jackie,” the UVA student at the center of the discredited, retracted campus rape story from Rolling Stone, must testify in a defamation lawsuit against the magazine, a judge has ruled. Jackie’s attorneys had argued that the woman would be “re-traumatized” if she were compelled to be deposed in the suit.