We knew there was a reason Page Six Magazine gave model-heiress-workaholic Lydia Hearst (pictured here modeling her tattoo with Cisco Adler) a biweekly column: so she could give us her unvarnished views on the presidential campaign. Click the pic for the whole thought-provoking scan!

You asked for more pix of Barack Obama's hot hotheaded foreign policy adviser Samantha Power, and you're getting them. She just resigned from her position on the campaign over her "monster" slip. She will continue to be unpaid by the campaign. A "partial defense" of her actions is here; an analysis of her love life

In this Newsweek video, Dr. Susan Wood, the former director of the FDA's Office of Women's Health, comes out for Hillary Clinton. Against an odd background of porny-sounding music, Wood explains how much Hillary did to help Plan B become legal in the United States. "Emergency contraception would not be available