Donald Trump's Conflicts Of Interest Dwarf Those Of Previous Presidents

Because the United States has elected Donald Trump—a toxic Hot Pocket glued to a micropenis—to serve as our nation’s president, it’s crucial to parse the conflicts of interest that might influence his judgment while in office. Unsurprisingly, the boundary between his political and business endeavors is a feeble one.

Donald Trump Jr. Said Women Who Can't Handle Being Harassed at Work Should Teach Kindergarten

Donald Trump Jr., the embodiment of every stereotype about people named “Jr.”, said in 2013 that women who can’t handle harassment at work “should go maybe teach kindergarten.” He also opined that all-male golf courses are “cool” and that everybody is so uber-sensitive these days. How original!

Wal-Mart to Close 154 U.S. Stores, Impacting Roughly 10,000 Workers

Wal-Mart Stores Inc. announced Friday that they will be shutting down 269 stores around the world “in the coming fiscal year” as part of an ongoing reevaluation of their “fleet.” CNBC reports that of the 154 domestic closures, 102 would be Neighborhood Markets—the brand’s smaller stores originally branded as Walmart…