Beyoncé Changes Her Email Address Every Week (Or at Least the One She Gave Ed Sheeran)

In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight that’s currently making the rounds, Ed Sheeran revealed the process by which his new duet with Beyoncé (“Perfect”) came to be. “I have an email address that I email...that actually changes every week,” Sheeran said. “So I emailed that and then we got on the phone. It’s

Ariel Winter's Mother Says Her Daughter Needs to Quit 'Exposing Herself,' Ariel Winter Says Shove Off

After some nasty legal drama, Ariel Winter emancipated herself from her mother, Chrisoula Workman, last year. (Among other things, Winter had accused Workman of “vile name calling, personal insults about [her and her weight], attempts to ‘sexualize’ [a] minor, and deprivation of food.”) We hadn’t heard from Workman…