Lady Gaga Reportedly Joins Bradley Cooper's Remake of the Remake of the Remake of A Star Is Born

There’s something you might not know about Bradley Cooper. OK, there are probably several things you might not know about Bradley Cooper, but let’s focus on this one for now. You see, Braddy Boy really wants to make a remake of the remake of the remake of A Star Is Born. It’s been one of the most well-reported vanity

Bradley Cooper Can't Afford to Cast Beyoncé in His Directorial Debut, So He May Just Scrap It

Despite the fact that it is ultimately about a man’s dream being destroyed, this story absolutely delights me. Do you remember a few months ago when it was rumored that Bradley Cooper was desperate to cast BeyoncĂ© Knowles in his directorial debut: a remake of the remake of the remake of A Star Is Born? (It’s OK if you


Sandra Bullock’s Hot New Boyfriend Once Smeared Dog Shit on His Neighbor’s Door

Before Sandra Bullock’s boyfriend had a name, he was simply the “super hot” and “super normal” guy she was allegedly seeing. But now that we know his name (Bryan Randall), we’re beginning to learn all kinds of new things about him - like how he was once accused of smearing dog shit on someone’s door.