There's a Petition to Have the Netflix Series Insatiable Cancelled for 'Fat-Shaming'

The upcoming Netflix series Insatiable stars Disney actor Debby Ryan as “Fatty Patty,” a high school student ridiculed for her weight. One summer, she has her mouth wired shut and drops a bunch of sizes, returns to school a “hottie,” and vows to avenge her former self—a concept that’s straight out of 1982. People…

'They Photoshopped the Crap Out Of Me': Meghan Trainor Removes 'Me Too' Video

On Monday, Meghan Trainor—who made her name with the song “All About That Bass,” which purports to celebrate a curvy form—released the music video for her latest single, “Me Too,” only to quickly remove it. The reason she gave? “They photoshopped the crap out of me,” she told her fans on Snapchat.

Ariel Winter Shuts Down Nasty Instagram Comments Claiming She's 'Asking for It' By Wearing Bikini

Ariel Winter has been very open about her body issues and her choice to have a breast reduction surgery. Unfortunately, users on Instagram—usually the height of propriety—didn’t get the message that just because a woman posts a photo of herself in a bikini doesn’t mean she’s inviting comments on her body.