Blake Lively Was Sexually Harassed By a Makeup Artist, Says 'Nothing' Happened After Reporting It

In an interview with the LA Times, Blake Lively revealed she was sexually harassed “regularly” by a makeup artist while shooting an unnamed movie on location. In addition to making “inappropriate” comments and “insisting” that he put lipstick on her with “his finger,” she shared this horrifying story:

Oh: Ryan Reynolds Played 'Let's Get It On' While Blake Lively Was in Labor

Shiny happy people Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are generally close-lipped about their family life—such is their right. However, during a game of Fact or Fiction with Michael Kors, Lively revealed one intimate, not to mention bizarre, tidbit: Reynolds played Marvin Gaye’s famous sexin’ jam, “Let’s Get It On,” while…