74-Year-Old Man Destroys Thousands of Images of Kim Kardashian in Glastonbury 'Massacre'

Is snapping a selfie an act of radical self-empowerment? I don’t know. What about this one: typing up an angry manifesto, pouring an unnamed “red liquid” on books you despise, and defacing them so badly that police referred to the act as a “massacre”? Mm. Think there’s a more convincing case to be made there.

Jamaica Kincaid Says People Only Say She’s Angry Because She’s Black

After recently opting to read part of Paradise Lost instead of her own (relatively) brand-new novel, See Now Then, at PEN’s World Voices Festival of International Literature, Jamaica Kincaid talked to The American Reader about her career, as in, how it has been so awesome that she can get up onstage and read a little…