Attorney General Jeff Sessions Calls for 'Proactive Policing' in Op-Ed

Earlier this month, attorney general Jeff Sessionsā€”David the Gnomeā€™s racist cousinā€”commenced a review of ā€œconsent decrees,ā€ agreements between the federal government and local police forces to address issues of systemic racism and other prejudices. Today, in an op-ed published by USA Today, Sessions broadcasted hisā€¦

Jeff Sessions Once Asked Sally Yates If She Would Say No to an 'Unlawful' Request From the President

Donald Trump has fired acting Attorney General Sally Yates for instructing the Department of Justice not to implement the Muslim immigration and refugee ban that has divided families and wreaked havoc at American airports this week. His action is deeply chilling, as itā€™s literally the attorney generalā€™s job to pushā€¦

Jeff Sessions Once Went To Court to Try to Stop an LGBT Conference From Happening on a College Campus

Your new Attorney General Jeff Sessions, once deemed too racist to become a federal judge, is also a longtime foe of LGBT people. Thatā€™s something he has in common with many of President-elect Donald Trumpā€™s appointees, but the lengths to which heā€™s gone to make gay people miserable is really quite special. As CNNā€¦

Sen. Jeff Sessions, Once Deemed Too Racist to Become a Federal Judge, Will Be Trump's Attorney GeneralĀ 

Several news outlets are reporting that Donald Trump has selected Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions to be his Attorney General. Sessions was denied a federal judgeship in the ā€˜80s after testimony during his confirmation hearings revealed that heā€™d allegedly made racist remarks to black colleagues. These days, he tweetsā€¦

Texas AG Ken Paxton, Who's Still 'Investigating' Planned Parenthood, Charged with Civil Securities FraudĀ 

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton was formally charged Monday with civil securities fraud by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. Paxton was criminally indicted last year on a similar felony fraud charges. Paxton has spent much of this year pledging to investigate Planned Parenthood for horrible wrongdoing.