ACLU Sues Arkansas Over Law That Could Require Rape Victims to Seek Rapists' Permission Before Abortion  

During Arkansas’s 2017 legislative session, the state passed House Bill 1566, a bill ostensibly about the disposal of fetal remains. On its surface, HB 1566 is typical of fetal burial bills that have been passed by numerous state legislatures since David Daleiden released his deceptively edited (and perhaps illegal)…

Arkansas Plans to Execute 8 Men in 10 Days to Beat Lethal Injection Drug Expiration Date

All of the topics we discuss on Big Time Dicks are disgusting in their blatant willingness to disregard other people’s humanity, especially if they are people of color or women. But this week’s dick—Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchison’s plan to execute eight death row inmates in a period of ten days—is viscerally sickening.

Extremely Relatable Woman Accused of Fraudulently Using County Credit Card to Buy a Tuxedo for Her Dog 

A former Arkansas county employee is being (unfairly in the opinion of this blog) prosecuted for her alleged use of a state credit card to buy a dog tuxedo. Kristi Lyn Goss is accused of buying between $160,000 and $200,000 worth of other stuff on that credit card that wasn’t hers. In her defense, though, the dog was…