1:30 PM

Center Stage fans will leap with excitement about AOL's new web series about the New York City Ballet, narrated and executive produced by Sarah Jessica Parker. It's all there: the dance, the drama, the toe shoes. Except Zoe Saldana. She's not there.

2:30 PM

Do we smell a little competition? Word on the street is that AOL is creating a new "lifestyle site" for women in their 20s and 30s and they're looking for an editor "with a broad range of interests, strong writing voice, at least five years of editing experience and an old box of Sassy mags in her mom's attic,"

10:45 AM

Good news for the unattractive and the marriage-phobic: a new relationship survey from Zogby International and AOL shows that the majority of respondents would date someone their friends thought was ugly, while 50% of those surveyed from ages 20-29 think marriage isn't necessary to prove love. Though most of those