Amber Tamblyn on Charlyne Yi's Accusations Against Her Husband David Cross: 'I Believe Her'

Actress and writer Amber Tamblyn has responded to Charlyne Yi’s accusations of racist behavior against her husband David Cross, revealing on Twitter late Thursday that she spoke with and believes Yi. “Her feelings/safety are all that matter to me,” Tamblyn wrote. “We’re good. I owe you nothing, Twitter. You’re lucky

Amber Tamblyn's James Woods Feud Inspires New York Times Op-Ed, But Woods Hates the Times, So There

Yesterday, actress Amber Tamblyn published a New York Times op-ed stemming from her Twitter feud with actor/broflake James Woods. Recap: James Woods said Tamblyn’s friend Armie Hammer’s upcoming movie about a gay relationship between a 17-year-old and a 24-year-old “chip[s] away at the last barriers of decency”;…