How to Be a Great Wingwoman

[Ed. note: The whole wingwoman sitch can be difficult to navigate. Yeah, you love your girls, but no, you aren't willing to hop up on a banquette with them every time Ri-Ri comes on. Sure, you want to help your friend meet a guy, but not just any guy. Yes, you want everyone to feel pretty, but maybe they should

How Not to Be a Meeting Diva, Bore Your Staff to Sleep, or Otherwise Ruin Goodwill and Productivity at Work

If you are gainfully employed, it's likely that meetings are part of your life. And, no matter how much you protest, they're not going anywhere. Here in the Business Casual series, written in conjunction with the crew, we covered your sweet work-from-home setup, and now we're going to address the dreaded…

Do You Think She’s Pretty?

A woman, feeling insecure, asks her husband if he thinks a girl is pretty. She asks accusingly, her open-too-wide eyes and higher-than-normal voice making it clear that "tell me the truth, I won't get mad" is a trap. So the husband lies. Then the wife gets mad anyway because of the lie, provoking him to backpedal and…