For the MILLIONTH TIME, None of These People Should Be Running for President 

The 2020 Democratic field is crowded, we keep hearing. Everybody wants to be president, allegedly—Mark Zuckerberg! The Rock! Your uncle who’s always thought he had some pretty good ideas! “How can you possibly tell someone they shouldn’t run for president? There’s no one on the planet who you can tell, ‘That’s

The Trump Administration Cut Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity Questions From the 2020 Census

It’s that time again: every ten years the government tries to tally us up in a census so they can have an accurate idea of the make up of this country. The census helps to shape and define policy supporting different demographics, and it’s very difficult to do that when certain demographics aren’t included. That may

For Some Reason, Cory Booker and 12 Other Dems Helped Kill a Bill That Would Lower Drug Prices [Updated]

There is so much going on right now, such an absolute shitpile deluge of absurdities rolling in from Washington, that it’s almost possible to overlook the fact that 13 Democratic senators either misread or completely disregarded overwhelming national sentiment and voted against an amendment that would have lowered