T.J. Miller, Ever the Gentleman, Was Arrested for Falsely Reporting a Bomb Threat

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After being accused of sexual assault and punching a woman, being accused of physically assaulting an Uber driver, and just being an overall douchebag, you’d think it couldn’t get any worse for comedian and ex-Silicon Valley star T.J. Miller. But now he’s been arrested by the FBI for falsely reporting a bomb threat back in March.


First reported by TMZ on Tuesday and then confirmed in a press release from the U.S. Attorney’s Office of the District of Connecticut the same day, T.J. Miller has been charged with “intentionally conveying to law enforcement false information about an explosive device on a train traveling to Connecticut.” According to the press release on March 18, 2018, Miller called a New Jersey 911 dispatcher to report that a woman passenger on his Amtrak train had a bomb in her bag and that she kept checking it without taking anything out. But when Amtrak officials stopped the train, which was already in Connecticut by the time they got to it, no evidence of a bomb or explosive materials were detected or found.

It turns out that not only did Miller give the wrong train number to the 911 dispatcher he was also, according to a train attendant in the actor’s car who is cited in the complaint, “intoxicated upon boarding in Washington.” According to the attendant Miller consumed “multiple” drinks on the train and that he had been removed in New York due to his intoxication. An officer also detected slurring in Miller’s voice on the phone and asked if he had consumed alcohol, to which Miller responded that he had had one glass of red wine.

And as for the woman with the bag, the criminal complaint as cited in the press release alleges that Miller was motivated by a grudge against her. TMZ further reports from the complaint that the woman told police that “Miller was being loud and belligerent on the train, and had made a comment about her hair” and that the two had gotten into an argument. Overall, TMZ reports, Miller’s actions caused “926 man hours worth of delays.”



If he wanted to warn someone about a bomb, he should have called theaters where The Emoji Movie was playing.