T.I. Sounds Silly Again Defending Iggy Azalea

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Over the weekend, Q-Tip attempted to educate Iggy Azalea about her place as a white artist in black culture. Noticing that a reputable dude had joined the Iggy-Azealia debate, T.I. responded with a series of educational tweets of his own.


It's almost as if T.I. has some sort of financial stake in the matter! Instead of fully caping for Iggy like he usually does, though, T.I. told his artist (via Twitter so everyone can see) to take the other Tip's history lesson as food for thought.

Where T.I.'s tweets took a turn is when he tried to get scholarly by addressing the history of white artists in black music. According to him (read it in your best Azealia-Banks-impersonating-T.I. voice:

Yes @IGGYAZALEA @QtipTheAbstract all these facts are true. This is useful info to absorb as U find yourself in da midst of several people who U may not share many things in common with besides #HipHop. Understanding the plight assists U in knowing how to accept,respect... & live in harmony even without a boatload of similarities.

Also what I think my big Bruh kinda left out is that OUR people (blacks in America,& HIPHOP) have had much less qualified White People come along & manipulate our culture for their own pers gain. This lead to an almost incoherent overly defensive, paranoid sense of...

"All White People Wanna Steal Our Shit" mentality. Now as difficult as this is to believe.... We think all white people who do our shit... gotta kiss our ass or we don't like em!!! "Dey shady!!!" (Lol No pun intended) But me knowing U,Eminem,and a handful of other... (just so happen to be) white people who were inspired by our culture allowed ME TO SEE, that not all white people out to steal our culture..

There are some that merely wish to contribute to it. And I'd be less than ME if I didn't say that... If WE don't allow u guys the same......rights & respect we KNOW WE DESERVE in other areas of humanity... WE'RE ALL JUST A BUNCH OF HYPOCRITES. AND THATS NOT HIP HOP!!!!

So in a nutshell, absorb da info...apply it where most useful,and above all KEEP SHINING,FOLLOW YOUR HEART,& STAY TRUE TO WHO U ARE!!!

I know u don't deserve all da negative shit that comes your way. But like I've told u before, it just kinda comes wit da territory...when u gain so much positive attn SO FAST! It all balances out. I know u been broke,hungry& disgusted before,so I know u know just like I do

It COULD BE A LOT WORSE. If dis all U gotta put up wit/sacrifice to earn our very above average lifestyles....

It doesn't really need to be stated that not every white artist is intentionally ignorant of the culture that's influenced them. This narrative of men schooling women on how to act would be annoying if Iggy wasn't so dense about the context of her success in hip-hop. Some of what Q-Tip tweeted is what Azealia Banks has been saying—although Banks' education also comes with a side of derision and rude nicknames.


While Iggy is digesting this, she might want to consider hiring better publicists to break down why she should avoid reacting to this debate in a way that reduces Banks' arguments to irrational anger.

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Wouldn't it make more sense to do all this in private like Skype or actually talking in real life rather then twitter? It seems that it would be easier to make your point and you don't embarrass yourself.

Admittedly, I'm really annoyed that Iggy about her seemingly willful ignorant behaviour. As someone who is white and want to go to Japan to work in the anime industry, I've went to great lengths to learn the language, the culture, the religions and folklore, anime's influences and precursors and have talked to people who live in japan and work in the industry to fully understand it. And from what I've read, she seems to know only the surface of American black culture and feels she can just ignore it.