If there's one thing that can be said for the Swedish Marines (and this is the first time I've really heard about the Swedish Military, so I have very few things to say), it's that they don't skimp on showmanship. Military music videos have been huge hits in the past but none seem to possess the pure oomph and unfettered star power of this version of Greased Lightning which, according to experts (my partner), is even better than the original. (Which he has never seen.)

From the on-point lip-synching, to the dancing, to the sets (OH MY GOD THEY HAVE SETS!), these dudes are ready for the big time. And by big time, I mean either Broadway or their own full-scale community theatre production of Grease. Which, let's face it, could be just as amazing. Have you seen community theatre lately? (I have, because my mom dug out the video tapes and made me watch myself wear tights in Pippin.)

More videos, Swedish military! More jazz runs to and from military vehicles! More box steps! More spirit fingers! More pyramids!

(Please note that what is happening the upper left-hand corner at 1:00 may not be safe for work...depending on where you work.)