Surprise Kanye West Show Turns Into Living Hell

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While the third day of the Governor’s Ball music festival was canceled due to crappy weather, Kanye West cannot be canceled due to weather, because Kanye West is bigger than weather.

Instead, the rapper performed a few songs during Big Sean and Pusha T’s set at the Hot 97 Summer Jam, and scheduled something even bigger, even more beautiful: a surprise set at Webster Hall at 2 a.m.


Perhaps in a demonstration of both the power of social media and the power of thirst, the blocks surrounding the venue were almost immediately clogged with prospective concert-goers in a way that looked quite out of hand.


Kanye, who is all about partying and art, called NYC mayor Bill de Blasio to ask if he would officially block off the streets surrounding Webster Hall so that people turned away from the concert could party outside.

Though reports of a “near riot situation” seemed slightly off—particularly due to the week or so it’s been in NYC rap shows—the concert was, understandably, shut down before it began.


But not before Kanye could drive through the streets standing through his sun roof like a literal king.


From Kim Kardashian’s Snapchat:

God bless.

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That looks absolutely miserable. Back in my college days, when I was a complete dummy, I might have thought trying to attend something like that or Time Square on NYE would be fun. Now I do not. I hate crowds so much, it does not matter what the show is. I am done with concerts and sporting events.

Also, get off my lawn.