Sunday Sign-Off: Tomorrow Is National Dessert Day

National Dessert Day sounds like a more important holiday than any other holiday. AAAACK, Cathy/Laura.

My favorite dessert is banana pudding with vanilla cookies DEAR SWEET LORD. I have a case of "I'm gonna kill a man" PMS today and I just want to dive into a bowl of this deliciousness. Tell me your favorite dessert so I can want to dive into a bowl of that, too. Or talk about anything else that you want to in the comments, I am not the boss of you NO MATTER HOW HARD I MAY TRY xo.

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Ginger, get the popcorn!

Y'all, I'm having an absolute shit week. I have a cold, a UTI, 3 assignments due for grad school, got in a fight with the Dude, and had a death in the family. Plus I recently moved to a new city, so my support system is all really far away. I need some fucking cheering up.

Hilarious stories of any kind, cute animal gifs, etc. please!