Submarine Inventor Peter Madsen Charged With Murder of Kim Wall

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Peter Madsen, the Danish submarine inventor who previously admitted to dismembering journalist Kim Wall’s body but denied killing her, has been charged with murder, CNN reports.


Wall was last seen alive on August 10, 2017, boarding Madsen’s submarine the UC3 Nautilus, to interview him for a story. A torso, later identified as Wall, washed up on an island near Copenhagen on August 21; bags containing her legs, head, arms, and clothing were discovered at sea in October.

Madsen initially denied any and all wrongdoing, saying at first that Wall died in an accident on the submarine. As time went on, his story became more and more suspicious; in late October of last year, Madsen changed his tune, saying that Wall died of carbon monoxide poisoning inside the submarine. He eventually admitted to dismembering her body and disposing of her body parts in the sea. Now, finally, Madsen has been charged.

According to Danish prosecutor Jakob Buch-Jepsen, Madsen strangled Wall or cut her throat shortly after she boarded the submarine and the case itself was described by Buch-Jepsen as “very unusual and extremely gross.” Madsen has been charged with murder, indecent handling of a corpse, and sexual assault without intercourse. His trial will start on March 8 and he faces a life sentence if convicted.

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