Steubenville Police Video Shows Students Describing Night of Rape

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Here's never before seen police video of the kids who were present at the Steubenville parties talking about what they saw, and about what went down.

Basically, to hear them tell it, they had no clue sexual assault of a passed out girl was a crime. In Ohio, it is a felony to not report a crime — but you have to know that it was a crime that you were witnessing. So, yeah, you can see where this is going.

Here's hoping the takeaway from all of this isn't "be more careful with your iPhone cameras, kids!" because no, that's not the problem. Thank goodness for electronic documentation — maybe the more we're forced to talk about cases like this, the more we can steel the National conversation in a way that holds our culture responsible.


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I was at a party (of grownups, 20s and 30s) and a guy came up and put his arm around my back. I told him loudly and clearly to take his hand off me. He said no. He then grabbed me by the arm and tried to drag him on to his lap. I raised my voice and told him over and over again that I didn't want him to be touching me.

There were maybe 20 other people in the room at that time, including a guy I was talking to when the jerk grabbed me. That guy walked away. All the other folks in the room looked at me and then just went back to their conversations.

Many of these people were my friends. These were smart, talented people who I knew to be generally nice and kind. Grabhands was a stranger. I was shocked SHOCKED that even though I was making it clear that I was unhappy, no one NO ONE helped at all. No one came over to ask if I was okay. No girlfriend did that cliche "I have to tell you about this other room..." save. No guys stepped up to this jerk.

This kind of bystander behaviour isn't limited to teens. Sadly.