Stephen Colbert's Sister Is Running for Congress And I Want to Move to South Carolina so I Can Vote for Her

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OMG. Amazing, incredible news! Elizabeth Colbert-Busch, Stephen Colbert's sister, is declaring herself a candidate in the South Carolina special election to be held in May to fill Tim Scott's open House seat. Senator Tim Scott is the crazy Tea Partier former congressman who was tapped by crazy Tea Partier current Governor Nikki Haley to the fill seat left empty when Crazy Tea Partier Jim DeMint retired from The Senate to go work at the Heritage Foundation. Phew. OK. If Colbert-Busch (who, unlike her brother, pronounces the "T" at the end of her name) wins the Democratic primary, she would most likely face Republican Mark Sanford, who himself resigned back in 2009 after disappearing for five days while "hiking the Appalachian trail" of his mistress in Argentina. Colbert-Busch will file her paperwork on Tuesday.


A state Democratic official told Buzzfeed,

"This isn't the first time that people have asked her to run...but it's the first time that she's taking it seriously.... I think she could win.... She is our best chance to beat Sanford, and she comes with incredible name recognition and an uncanny ability to fundraise. She is very well-liked in the community.... Her brother mentions her once on his show and, what, that's a quarter of a million dollars right there."

And if she actually appears on the show and gets the "Colbert Bump," she'll be golden.

Seriously, though, if she's as much of a progressive and feminist as her brother is (the real Stephen Colbert, guys, not the character, calm down), that would be amazing. Speaking of which, it's Friday, so treat yourself to this video of Colbert taking down Pat Robertson's sexism. Enjoy!

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Stephen Colbert's Sister To Run For Tim Scott's House Seat [Buzzfeed]


aka jezebel's countryism.. no one outside the u.s. can watch the clips you provide. and there are a lot of non-u.s.ers here...