Stanford Expels Its First Student Connected to the Admissions Scandal

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While Felicity Huffman is pleading guilty to bribery charges and Olivia Jade is still extremely steamed with Aunt Becky, justice is also being meted out to the more everyday scammers who also cheated their way into top universities.

Stanford has officially expelled a female student who, according to Stanford Daily, falsified her application and paid $500,000 via Rick Singer’s sham non-profit to join the sailing team. The paper reports that though the student was accepted through the standard process and not as a recruited athlete, her admission was followed by the contribution to the sailing program through the school’s former sailing coach, John Vandemoer, who last month pleaded guilty on racketeering and conspiracy charges.

On its website, Stanford wrote that, We determined that some of the material in the student’s application is false and, in accordance with our policies, have rescinded admission. Any credits earned have also been vacated. The student is no longer on Stanford’s campus.” 


This is the third Stanford student linked to Singer and his bogus Key Worldwide Foundation. The other two, whose families contributed a total of $270,000, failed to complete their applications and never ended up enrolling.

Someday, the details of every single person involved in this scandal will make it to a 825-part Netflix series, and I will be there to diligently consume every last one.

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On one hand, sad for the child to pay for the sins of the parents, buuuuut I’m sure they can afford to send their kids to Amsterdam to become a conceptual artist while they sort their shit out.